Morning Routine, Berlin, 2009


der Morgengrauenchor
der Bohrmaschinen

(I’m working up to my goal of writing a German-language haiku using three or fewer words.  German-speaking friends: Kritik/Korrektur ist wilkommen!)




This series first appeared at the Queensland Poetry Festival in 2008.  The last piece was inadvertantly co-written by multi-talented superhero, Nerissa Rowan.  It is also part of an evolving long-term project that probably started in 2005, and owes thanks to creative sparks whose work and/or workings you may also find here: Kokopops, Giant Robots…, Thorx, Eric Eckhart, and Beeheads.

The photographs here were taken through the fence of the defunct Spreepark at Plaenterwald, Berlin, about which I just found this fascinating link, although there is no sign of the mentioned developments to date; a more complete history can, of course, be found on Wikipedia.



It is cool and slow
It is moonlight and mist
I know it when I see it

It is eye and aftermath
It cultivates its gods
It knows them when it sees them

It is turning inside
It is distant rumbling
It is coming


(an earlier version of this appeared in SpeedPoets zine in 2006)