Further adventures in art…

Yes, I am sorry; I am being evasive and/or lazy in telling you about other people’s endeavours instead of posting my own. But I would be failing in my duty of care in neglecting to inform you of things that will make your lives richer, would I not?

And if you’d like a small shot of mr oCean writing, you can wander over to A Handful of Stones (and please browse further; I thoroughly enjoy that blogzine).

But once you’re done there, if you’re in Brisbane, I heartily suggest you get yourself along to check out Bettina Walsh’s exhibition, Dreamscapes.

You might know her from such fine endeavours as illustrating Zenobia Frost‘s heart-fluttering volume, The Voyage. If you do not yet know her, well, this is the perfect opportunity, no? You might also like to whet your appetite at her deviantART page, where her piece, “Of Dreams and Nightmares” had me exclaiming aloud.

And please be patient, dear reader. There are poems coming!


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