Lost: a brief endorsement


The Eric Eckhart has released the second film clip from his new album, This is where it starts; this one is for the gorgeous title track, Lost, and it’s a beautiful piece of work.  Do wander over to Eric’s electric website and take a look.


You can hear the oCean


I’ve finally popped myself onto MySpace, so now you can have a listen to some of my spoken word and musical dabblings.

The Audible mr oCean

The first piece featured is Cherry Blossoms, which happily coincides with my noticing today that said blossoms have appeared here in Berlin.

From the Archives


Because the poetry has been a bit thin on this website of late, I feel it’s time to dig deeply into the archives.  Here’s one I still enjoy performing in a faux-Shakespearean style, stolen from Eric Idle in Monty Python’s Poet McTeagle sketch.  Based on a true story!

Liber Tea

Manifesting unexpectedly upon my arm
Luke-warm, but warmer still
Than the fire drill
My tea
On me
Instead of in

White shirt wanting to be free
Summons a mighty energy
No respect for gravity or boundary
Of mug
My tea
On me

mr oCean, circa February 2004