From the Archives

Because the poetry has been a bit thin on this website of late, I feel it’s time to dig deeply into the archives.  Here’s one I still enjoy performing in a faux-Shakespearean style, stolen from Eric Idle in Monty Python’s Poet McTeagle sketch.  Based on a true story!

Liber Tea

Manifesting unexpectedly upon my arm
Luke-warm, but warmer still
Than the fire drill
My tea
On me
Instead of in

White shirt wanting to be free
Summons a mighty energy
No respect for gravity or boundary
Of mug
My tea
On me

mr oCean, circa February 2004


2 Responses to From the Archives

  1. <3<3<3

    You have to come back to Brissie just to see our Tea Shrine.

  2. misterocean says:

    It is always good and important to have something at home to look forward to. Thank-you 🙂

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