Eric Eckhart Acoustic Trio at Art.Gerecht


Regular readers will already know of my enthusiasm for the splendid rootsy and emotive music of our Mr Eckhart, and may recall that the marvellous Ms Sam and I have been performing alongside him as he introduces his new album to the world.  Our next show is on Friday evening at Art.Gerecht – one of my all-time favourite music venues and a lovely cafe as well – soft and cosy and always sounding dreamy-good.  This concert will feature some surprises for those who’ve heard us before, and abundant goodness for people new to the sounds.  Please come along and bring your posse!

Friday 27 August, 20:00

Art.Gerecht,  Jungstrasse 14, Berlin Friedrichshain

Free entry!

If you like electric calendars/reminders, you can find the gig on Facebook and MySpace, too.

Hoping to see you there!

More moving and writing from Liz Erber


Reports are that the previous workshop series have gone well – enthusiastic involvement and surprises.  A nice way to explore new territories, and I’ll be aboard myself as soon as time avails.

Music, The Eternal Paramedic


music is the warm arms
to hold you
when your body becomes
inexplicably electric with fear

music is the respirator
to keep your chest
rising and falling
when you have forgotten

music is the steady fist
pounding at your ribs
to revive the rhythm
your heart has lost

music cracks your back
back into shape
after ill-fitting rooms
have bent it badly

mr oCean, Aug. 2010

Music provides so much more than decoration; at its best, it can save lives and make them worth living.  This piece will most likely change and grow on its own, but I also invite you all to throw more verses at it in the comments below.