Music, The Eternal Paramedic

music is the warm arms
to hold you
when your body becomes
inexplicably electric with fear

music is the respirator
to keep your chest
rising and falling
when you have forgotten

music is the steady fist
pounding at your ribs
to revive the rhythm
your heart has lost

music cracks your back
back into shape
after ill-fitting rooms
have bent it badly

mr oCean, Aug. 2010

Music provides so much more than decoration; at its best, it can save lives and make them worth living.  This piece will most likely change and grow on its own, but I also invite you all to throw more verses at it in the comments below.


2 Responses to Music, The Eternal Paramedic

  1. as i read your poem i think to replace the word music with the word “purpose”. music is indeed phenomenal,a weapon that can both lift or destroy one’s soul.

    • misterocean says:

      Interesting comment, thanks. Then thing I like about music is that it can have these effects without us having any conscious awareness of it. It can make us feel better by leading us through emotions we didn’t know we had to go through. A sense of purpose can sneak up on you too, of course, but I think when it’s in force, we are usually conscious of it. In any case, I like it when things I write are seen from a different angle. Thanks for popping by.
      By “destroy”, do you really mean that? Certainly, it can make us feel that way, but for me, it’s only been a phoenix-type destruction – a demolition to allow a new construction.

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