This is how we look on radio…


Eric Eckhart on KenFM (“Jungle Ken”) on Fritz radio (Berlin/Potsdam), 30 January 2011, with Ken Burke and mr oCean.


Winter “throws the dummy”


We’ve been shedding layers and the sweet seduction birdsong has begun.  Flower-buds are peeping from barren stems.  Like the glaciers that once carved the lands around us, the ice and snow have once again vanished leaving a trail of fine gravel as their only trace.  But the sky exposes the fake: Winter is coming back.

early Spring
every bright new thing
born to shiver

mr oCean, 18 January 2011

Sadness with water; fun with zombies


My erstwhile home city of Brisbane has just suffered its worst flood since 1974, and 75% of the state of Queensland has been severely struck, with some towns vanishing entirely beneath the water. To contribute a bit to the recovery, I’ve put my new song (about heartbreak and zombies, so it’s stuff everyone can relate to 🙂 ) up on BandCamp, where all money earned from downloads will go to the government’s relief fund.

Please click here to check it out!

It’s only $1 (Aus), which is less than a Euro.  You can pay more if you like, but I would rather see larger amounts go straight to the flood appeal than be reduced by the cuts taken by BandCamp and PayPal.  Besides, there are a whole lot of natural disasters about at present!

If you like what you hear, please spread the word.

Please also check out these other fine artists contributing to the flood relief effort:

Our favourite lost shark, Graham Nunn is donating more than 100% of all sales from his latest book (which is magnificent, by the way), “Ocean Hearted”.

Ghostboy and the Golden Virtues are likewise donating all proceeds from their latest album, “Enter”.  $18 for the goods. Just email them at ghostboywithgoldenvirtues at gmail_dot_com (trying to dodge spam-bots there) with the title “GBGV… Flood CD purchase” with how many copies and postal address, and they will set up direct payment from there.

And the following as listed on Another Lost Shark:

Page Seventeen are donating all proceeds from sales to flood relief.

David Reiter is offering copies of his children’s book Global Cooling for $10 with all proceeds going to the ABC’s flood crisis fund.

Fablecroft have published the limited edition e-book After the Rain, After the Floods and are donating all proceeds to flood relief.