Winter “throws the dummy”

We’ve been shedding layers and the sweet seduction birdsong has begun.  Flower-buds are peeping from barren stems.  Like the glaciers that once carved the lands around us, the ice and snow have once again vanished leaving a trail of fine gravel as their only trace.  But the sky exposes the fake: Winter is coming back.

early Spring
every bright new thing
born to shiver

mr oCean, 18 January 2011


2 Responses to Winter “throws the dummy”

  1. gnunn says:

    love the idea of the sky exposing the fake… so true mr o.

    • mr oCean says:

      And fake it certainly was! Definitely back to Chillsville, much to the chagrin of almost everyone but me; I’m just disappointed we haven’t seen any more decent snow-falls!

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