A very well-deserved honour

Shaun Tan was yesterday announced as the winner of the 2011 Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award. The summary from the jury is a beautiful description of his work. Not only is he one of the finest visual artists of our time; he is also a masterful storyteller (and a very nice gentleman as well). If you have somehow missed his work so far, please do yourself the massive favour of (at least) checking out The Arrival, The Red Tree, The Lost Thing, Tales from Outer Suburbia; he has also splendidly collaborated with John Marsden (The Rabbits) and Gary Crew (Memorial, The Viewer). There are wonders in all of them, but also a real sense of emotional connection. Inframe.tv also has a lovely short documentary on him, during the production of the Lost Thing film, here.

It fills the heart to see a fellow with such a fabulous talent and imagination (and skill!) rightly honoured (he also shared in an Academy Award this year, for the short film of The Lost Thing). Congratulations, Shaun Tan, and please keep it coming!

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