Gold for the Goldmine


Nina Hynes makes wonderful music. To me it has a fairy tale’s balance: beauty and wonder with those delicious shadows and hints of danger. Chiaroscuro music, perhaps. Her music covers a pretty broad range of style and feel, but I find it hard to get past Sewing Machine for its gorgeous old timber and dusty attic beauty. You can hear it and bag yourself a bargain download at her BandCamp page. From there, you can also hear her latest album, Really Really Do, which was my introduction to her music.

The Berlin-based Irish singer-songwriter-filmmaker-… is gearing up to make her 4th studio recording, and has her band and even a choir lined up for making the album at a pace that would have a passing whirlwind give an approving nod. The new album is rumoured to be heading for a more acoustic flavour, but judging by some previews posted online and her recent live performances, we can still expect the richness of her previous work.

To make the new album possible as an independent artist, she’s having a swing at crowd-funding, in this case using the relatively new Irish site, :fund:it. Read about her project here. The page includes a video introduction that shows as much her quirky humour and enthusiasm as much as it does her music. There is just a week to go for her to reach her funding goal; if it falls short of this, no money is given out, so if you like what you’ve heard so far, please take a look at the splendid array of bonuses on offer for funders, ranging from a download of the new album upon release to a life-time’s supply of tickets to her shows and even a launch concert in your home!