Making Our Cities


The idea of thinking about our world as a design project is … something that is critically important for citizens from all backgrounds to understand, that the world that we live in – the cities that we live in – are not something that happens to us; they’re things that we make and that we live within as a result of the way that we make them.

Bruce Mau
Nielson Design Lecture
State Library of Queensland
Brisbane, Australia, 2011


Wiederaufgegriffene Schneeliebe


This swirling galaxy of feathers
Falling from the dark grey sky
Is not really falling:
We are rising.

We delight in the wonder of physics –
This geometric joy warming us
Even as our fingers freeze –
In the same way we look to the stars,
Knowing, understanding to our every atom
That this – all these perfect patterns –
Is what makes us possible:
We delight because in the snow and stars
We see what we are made of
And know that it is good to be alive.

mr oCean, 16.12.2011

Sometimes I think it’s nice to step beyond the metaphor and delight in the sheer joy and wonder of reality – of the exquisite physics that made it all possible. It’s snowing. I love snow. If I were to spend a whole day watching snow fall, I could only conclude that it was a day very well spent indeed.

The River of Stones – January 2012


For some time I’ve had the idea that time seems to speed up as we get older because we filter out more details. This is necessary, but it can be quite an astonishing feeling to stop and notice even the simplest things. That’s what the River of Stones is all about.

In January, Kaspa and Fiona Robyn from ‘Writing Our Way Home’ are encouraging people to pay attention to one thing every day and write it down.

You don’t have to consider yourself a writer to take part: you just need to put aside three minutes a day, and channel those minutes into a notebook or blog, with the aim of slowing down a bit and falling in love with the world a little each day.

You can find out more here, and here’s a nice little endorsement from one of last year’s participants:

“…I keep finding that [writing a small stone] doesn’t eat up time or mental space; on the contrary, time stops and a new space is created.”

~Jean Morris, writer of small stones

Debut Album for Wasp Summer


Ladies and gentlemen, it delights me to announce that my dear friend and multi-talented superhero, Wasp Summer, is about to release her debut solo album, and you can help make it happen. The music is already recorded and her excitement about it is positively radiant. She has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise the money for the final stages: mixing, mastering and manufacturing. As well as snaring you a copy of the album, there is a cracking selection of bonuses for contributors, so please pop by and have a look. Splendid music and superb value!

Her music is and her voice is like both a warm hug and roller-coaster for your heart. Have a listen on ReverbNation, SoundCloud or BandCamp. Also dear to my heart, she was also a member of Melbourne band, The Mime Set, who did such mind-blowing work with poet, Sean M. Whelan.

Close as a Slow Dance will be the first A Headful of Bees release for 2012. Please help make it real!