25 January 2012

Tapes from the early 1990s
An archive of my youthful heartbeat
Every note, every place I’ve been
Printed into the patterns of my flesh

A radio telescope trained to a distant star
Reveals the image of our own beginnings


6 Responses to 25 January 2012

  1. Helen says:

    This is such an expressive small stone, I wish I were better able to express what I like about it. ‘Wow’ will have to do!

  2. mr oCean says:

    Thank-you Helen. The feedback is very much appreciated!

  3. I like this stone, I can relate to this as I am currently clearing out my CD collection & the music brings back some many memories – the music seems to be burnt deep within you.

    • mr oCean says:

      Yes, it’s intriguing how music works like the little pins stuck in to a strategic map, marking set points in our lives. I’ve found it a nice way of keeping track of where I was living and who I was with at different times.

  4. gnunn says:

    Oh yeah, music is the road map of my life. Love this! And a big welcome back mr o!

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