27 January 2012

Two small stones today. Train travel makes it easier 🙂


One Winter tree, skeletal,
stranded in a verdant rainstorm field –
a picture hung on the wall
of this new home


The ibis,
.     long legs half-vanished
.          in these impromptu lakes,
like lanky spear-fishers
.     before the sails and shackles,
.     and probe
.          at what the rain washed out
and do not turn
.     to watch
.          the train roar past.


2 Responses to 27 January 2012

  1. Lovely. I particularly like the shift in style, indent-wise.

    • mr oCean says:

      Thank-you, your pleasantness. I’m glad it worked, for it took some wrestling to get WordPress to cooperate with my plans (invisible full stops). 🙂

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