Over the last year or so, my esteemed friend and colleague, Dreynardine, has been trawling the mr oCean Archive of Unfinished Musicks and turning his finds into exquisite noise. And the result has emerged into the world:

I am absolutely delighted with it. It is unsettling at times, beautiful at times, noisy quite a lot of the time, and curiously ambient.

Here is Dreynardine’s description to accompany the 2nd part of the series, A Wimple, A Stain:

Deep on the oCean floor outside the bounds of natural light, a Dutch galleon decays regally. Strange eyeless creatures inhabit its portholes and the ancient timbers creak and groan. Elsewhere Poseidon plugs his axe into a cranked Fender tweed amp and shakes out an aquatic blues crackling passing jellyfish with sparks of electricity.

Enjoy the oddity!


Visiting (3)


Converging roads –
the returned and the estranged
welcome each other

mr oCean

Visiting (2)


To him, in the moment, she is dark matter;
to others, his slow dance is dodging arrows,
and maybe both are true.

mr oCean

Visiting (1)


Everybody wants to talk with the hermit,
wants to be there when the mute opens his mouth,
but that doesn’t mean they’ll hear.

mr oCean, July 2012



Momentum is building towards next month’s Queensland Poetry Festival. New poems have been written and rewritten, images are being assembled, music is emerging… And you can read an interview with me (by probably the single most influential person in my becoming a spoken word performer) on the QPF web-site. (Thanks again to Maren for the photo!)

It’s going to be an amazing festival. If you’re not in Brisbane, it’s worth travelling to! If you are in Brisbane, no excuses! Most of it is even free.

(yes, I know that’s a bit hard to read, but I’m hoping you’ll check out the web-site anyway. The most important bits: it’s on 24-26 August at the Judith Wright Centre, Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley. Full program on the QPF web site.)

I’d Love To, But…


I gather myself like firewood,
ignite and flare, and burn right down to ash,
so that tomorrow, a tiny beak
will break apart dawn’s embers.

mr oCean
July 2012