mr oCean

He’s like if H.R. Geiger were a kindergarten teacher.

– Paul Salamone

mr oCean is an unfinished work of fiction. As a performing poet, he has featured at the Queensland Poetry Festival, SpeedPoets (also as a backing musician), La Mina di Velluto and the Kurilpa Poets (Brisbane), the Sofa Salon, Phoneyisland and BeatStreet (Berlin), and the Fluxus Capacitor (London). Somewhat averse to reality, he writes predominantly sketches from windows or mirrors.

He is a member of the Berlin-based artists’ collective, A Headful of Bees. Collaborations include Stories from the corner of your eye with lina paul (music + spoken word), Into the Deep with Liz Erber (choreography + spoken word) and playing guitar for Eric Eckhart and Violetta.

mr oCean currently lives in Missoula, Montana, in the USA.

Booking and other enquiries may be directed to

e-mail mr oCean

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MySpace (phasing out soon)


2 Responses to mr oCean

  1. Paddo says:

    Squawk squawk squawk squawk squawk to you with glossy quarter moon eyes!

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