Now out: The Wild Word issue #9: Lost & Found


Photo by mr oCean

It is a true delight to be featured this month in Berlin-based magazine, The Wild Word. There’s a span of about seven years in the three pieces (more if you go back to the beginnings of each piece), which also feature a couple of my favourite collaborators and muses.

Wordless – a poem inspired by poetry.

Suitcase & Sand – a collaborative video piece combining poetry, photography and music. This was performed at the 2015 Queensland Poetry Festival, and is the latest incarnation of a tale that has been through many iterations. This version, in collaboration with German musician Lina Paul, started to come together in Berlin in 2011, but there’s nothing like a looming performance to push me to finish writing something. It took over four years, but think it’s better for the long incubation.

Poem, Photographs & Video: mr oCean
Music: Lina Paul (hear more from her here and see videos here)
Additional photography: Tams Fletcher, Marsel van Oosten, Colleen Tully-Wilson, Maren Imhoff, Ally Weinrauch, Bettina Leupold and Chris Sanderson.

Escapement – a poetry & photography series, prepared as an installation for the 2008 Queensland Poetry Festival. This is another one that’s part of a larger and many-versioned tale, actually another aspect of the same tale as Suitcase & Sand. Mysteries and wonders, loss and escape. Part 6 borrows lines from Brisbane poet, Nerissa Rowan.

Check them all out here, then be sure to explore the rest of this magnificent mag.

Photo by mr oCean


She Does Mondays


This exhibition, coordinated by Redcliffe artist Ally W. and featuring contributions from around the world, seeks to throw off the shackles of “Mondayitis” culture and embrace the hope and reinvention of a new week. If you find yourself in South-East Queensland, Australia, the Stage Door Gallery will enchant and inspire you from 21 September – 18 October, with the up-late event on 14 October. Most, if not all, of the works in She Does Mondays are for sale, including my photo-poetry series, Escapement. There are also postcards available from each of the contributing artists.

Free admission.

She Does Mondays poster

Gorgeous, magical photos. Dreamworthy.


Photographs by Elena Shumilova

Gorgeous surreal in-studio installations


Jee Young Lee transformed her studio into dreams. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.

My Favourite Poetry Film


I saw “End of the Street” (poem by Ian McMillan, film by Andy Martin) in the 2008┬áZebra Poetry Film Festival in Berlin. It was the stand-out piece for me – indeed, the only film I remember from then with any degree of detail. Brilliant poem, and a really nice film interpretation.

Have a look at it on Andy Martin’s web site!

I liked the noise.

To the Edge Chapbook at QPF2012


To the Edge Chapbook at QPF2012

Toasty-warm off the press, my first chapbook is ready to make its way out into the world! I am more than a little excited! It features a handful of my best poems, with delightful illustrations by Steven Wilson (and cover art by Rod Wilson and me).

Brisbanefolk can pick up a copy for just $7 at the Queensland Poetry Festival, 24-26 August at the Judith Wright Centre, Fortitude Valley. I’ll be performing on the Saturday evening, and delivering a full set, complete with music and video, on the Sunday afternoon at 3:15. All Saturday and Sunday sessions are free, but you can happily show your support via the bookshop ­čÖé

The book is a Headful of Bees publication.

A very well-deserved honour


Shaun Tan was yesterday announced as the winner of the 2011 Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award. The summary from the jury is a beautiful description of his work. Not only is he one of the finest visual artists of our time; he is also a masterful storyteller (and a very nice gentleman as well). If you have somehow missed his work so far, please do yourself the massive favour of (at least) checking out The Arrival, The Red Tree, The Lost Thing, Tales from Outer Suburbia; he has also splendidly collaborated with John Marsden (The Rabbits) and Gary Crew (Memorial, The Viewer). There are wonders in all of them, but also a real sense of emotional connection. also has a lovely short documentary on him, during the production of the Lost Thing film, here.

It fills the heart to see a fellow with such a fabulous talent and imagination (and skill!) rightly honoured (he also shared in an Academy Award this year, for the short film of The Lost Thing). Congratulations, Shaun Tan, and please keep it coming!