I shall endeavour to write regularly of wonders that I find, but here is a small collection to get us started.

Delights and Curios

Beautiful, mysterious book-sculptures to honour the delights of libraries and the stuff wot’s in ’em.

http://vimeo.com/6529780 – wonderful real-life stop-frame animation music video from Sydney band, Alpen.

http://mandaflewaway.tumblr.com/post/2057242738 – cute looped music-making toy.

http://weavesilk.com/ – mesmerising, serene and addictive visual art toy.



Phoney Island Caberet

Sonntagskonzerte im Spiegelsaal




A Handful of Stones

Another Lost Shark

Reading the Ceiling’s Pine Calligraphy

Shane .L. Koyczan

Sean M. Whelan

Ron Moss (also with subtle and beautiful watercolours and photographs; see also his Ginko on Cradle Mountain)

Nerissa Rowan has a couple of lovely pieces here.

MC Jabber is an astonishing spoken word performer, leaves you feeling breathless and blown off your feet. Here’s a film of an installation using, fiddling about with and dismantling one of his spoken works.

60 Years in 60 Poems

Creative Collaborations

A Headful of Bees

The Pool

Visual Arts

Shaun Tan

Yuken Teruya

la Marelle

Michael Benson – also see interview here about his stunning book, Planetfall.


Ben Eaton Trio

A Headful of Bees

Eric Eckhart

Wasp Summer

Ken Burke

Water Music

The Gypsy Curse

Andrew Farnham & Independent Music Academy

Augie March


Entertainment for the Braindead (I keep going back to “A Trace” (on the album, “Hydrophobia”) over and over – like a tiny rockpool and waterfall that you find unexpectedly in a corner of a room you didn’t know your home had – a place of cool and quiet when you’re being alternately baked and fried…) Well worth checking out her gorgeous images on Tumblr, too.


The Search for Italian Hot Chocolate


Giant Robots, Lasers and Other Dastardly Plans

Neil Gaiman

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