Imminent mr oCean Appearances:

Stay tuned…

Past mr oCean Appearances:

21 September – 18 October 2016: She Does Mondays collaborative art exhibition at Stage Door Gallery, Redcliffe Cultural Centre, Downs St, Redcliffe, Queensland, Australia.

She Does Mondays poster

Monthly, 2014/15: SpeedPoets, Pallet Bar & Brew, West End, Brisbane (playing backing music and lobbing out the odd poem).

30 August 2015, 2:30pm: The Horses, Queensland Poetry Festival, IMA Screening Room, Judith Wright Centre for Contemporary Arts, Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley. Featuring new collaborative work by mr oCean and Lina Paul (Germany).

Wednesday 22 January 2014: At The End, Poetry, The End, 73 Vulture St, West End, Brisbane.


Sunday, 8 September 2013: Bukowski Actors vs. Stanislavski Poets, Brisbane Fringe Festival. The Box, 29 Vulture St, West End, Brisbane. Organiser Jef Carus described it as “poetry meets improvised theatre meets story structure”, “a contrived metaphor delivery system” and “fun and mayhem!” And it was.


Sunday 25 November 2012: Laura Street Festival, Highgate Hill, Brisbane – Backyard Wordsmiths, 1-2:30pm at The White Fortress (#11).

25 & 26 August 2012: Queensland Poetry Festival, Judith Wright Centre, Brisbane: A Million Bright Things (Saturday) and Sharp With Sparks (Sunday).

3 March 2012: SpeedPoets returned for 2012, welcoming back mr oCean, featuring Ross Donlon, a 37-poet strong open mic, and the music engine room that is Sheish Money (joined by the shiny of The Lucky Ones). Photos here from Chloe Callistemon.

6 January 2012: The Tide Going Out: mr oCean’s Berlin farewell spectacular, at Cafe Hilde, featuring mr oCean, Eric Eckhart, Wasp Summer, Sandra Sarala, Gosia Winter, Friederike Abitz, Rob Grant, MC Jabber, Cera Impala and Ben Porter-Lewis.

15 December 2011: Weihnachtsfeier des Julius-Wolff-Instituts, with Ken Burke & Wasp Summer, at Brotfabrik, Berlin Pankow.

25 November 2011: Berlin COMPASS – North – the 2nd of 4 curated evenings of artistry, poetry, music, art, story-telling, comedy, theatricality, moving and still image and dance, featuring Sandra Sarala, Wasp Summer, mr oCean, Kerri Mullen, Anja Zeilinger, Alexis Baker & Manish Pathak. At Club der polnischen Versager, Ackerstrasse 168, Berlin Mitte, starting 20:15.

6, 13 & 27 November 2011: A Month of Sundays at Hilde, performing songs and poetry and, with guitar, joined Eric Eckhart and (for the first time) Violetta. Also in the line-up for the month: Ken BurkeWasp SummerMiss KenichiWayward BreedSara PickinShort&SweetFolk’s Sake & Entertainment for the Braindead. Blimey! Presented by A Headful of Bees.

7 October 2011: brought the spoken words with lina paul‘s hauntingly beautiful music and sounds at Gelegenheiten, Weserstraße 50, Neukölln. Also featured Andreas Laudwein (guitar, vocals), Vanessa Kreuz (violin) and Stephan Bleier (double bass). This band was amazing! Full details here.

14 September 2011: lina paul at Atelier Überall, Oppelnerstr. 12, Berlin Kreuzberg. Supported by Andreas Laudwein (with lina paul) and mr oCean, and joined by Anna Kaluza (alto sax), Vanessa Kreutz (violin) & Stephan Bleier (double bass). A stellar assembly of sounds, that lot!

7 September 2011: A Headful of Bees celebrated Berlin Music Week with a Songwriters’ Circle and Showcase Concert at our old favourite, Cafe Hilde.

31 July 2011: Guitarred with Eric Eckhart at Cafe Hilde, supporting Ken Burke’s Month of Sundays residency. Also slid into a couple of tunes with Sarah Maguire.

14 July 2011: Guitarred with Sarah Maguire at Berlin Folk Society at St. Gaudy Café, Gaudystr. 1, Berlin Prenzlauer Berg, along with the delicious talents of Nina Hynes and Wasp Summer.

13 July 2011: Supported Ben Eaton at Joe’s Bar, Schoenhauser Allee 157, Berlin Prenzlauer Berg.

10 July 2011: Ken Burke’s Month of Sundays at Cafe Hilde, cnr Metzer Strasse & Prenzlauer Allee, Berlin. Featuring Ben Eaton and mr oCean.

30 June 2011: Music with Ken Burke at reception for Julius Wolff Institute’s Science-Based Prevention conference, Mercedes-Benz Gallery, Berlin.

10 June 2011: Midnight Poetry at Alice Gryphius, Berlin.

28 May 2011: Acoustic performance at Jetümmel house concert party.

21 & 22 May 2011: Into the Deep – dance performance from Liz Erber and guests, with narration by mr oCean (words from Liz Erber and mr oCean). K77 Studio, Kastanienallee 77, Berlin Prenzlauer Berg. 20:30.

Rage into the Night at St. Gaudy Café, Berlin Prenzlauer Berg, 5 May 2011.

The Rob Lowe / Clear Blue Water Poetry Awards, presented by Urban Voices. Südblock, Berlin Kreuzberg, 4 May 2011.

Can WORDS CAN PENETRATE WALLS? at Tacheles’ Open Studios, Oranienburger Str., Berlin Mitte. 30 April 2011.

Music For Japan at The Oscar Wilde, Berlin – earthquake relief benefit, organised by Dan O’Connor and Ken Burke. 21 April 2011.

The Sofa Salon Showcase: Sailor Days (absolutely stunning musicks!) with Ned Collette and The East Brunswick All-Girls Choir plus Stories from the corner of your eye, from mr oCean.  Joe’s Bar, Berlin, 31 March 2011.

Music from lina paul and mr oCean at Writers Under Pressure (presented by SAND journal: music, comedy, art and interactive poetry), Temporärity, Berlin Neukölln. 25 March 2011.

lina paul and mr oCean: Stories from the corner of your eye at Gelegenheiten, Berlin, 18 March 2011.

The Anti-Slam Anti-Valentine’s Day Special (teamed with Lady Gaby), 14 February 2011, King-Kong-Club, Berlin.

Lady Gaby’s WORD EXPRESS at Circus Hostel Cafe, Rosenthaler Platz, Mitte. Special Aussie Day event with Jorgen Doyle, Lady Gaby and mr oCean. 26 January 2011.

BeatStreet presents the SAND journal CD recording, Joe’s Bar, Schönhauser Allee 157, Berlin, 13 January 2011.

Also appearing: BeatStreet founding shoehorn-wielder Rob Grant, Paula Varjack, Linden Horvath, Alistair Noon, James Harris, Jeroen Nieuwland, Paul Salamone and Cera Impala.

Sidestream poetry journal #26 launch – Cafe Hilde, cnr Prenzlauer Allee & Metzer Str., Berlin Prenzlauer Berg, 21 December, 20:00

Meaganfest – Berlin Kreuzberg, 11 December 2010.

The Sofa Salon, Berlin, 6 November 2010.

Eric Eckhart 2010 European Tour with Ms Sam and mr oCean:

  • St. Gaudy, Berlin, 4 December.
  • Atelier Unsichtbar, Stuttgart, 27 November.
  • München, 26 November. Wohnzimmerkonzert organised by a lovely couchsurfer, who also put on a splendid array of nosh!
  • White Trash, Berlin, 14 November (full band)
  • Oosteinde, Dresden, 5 November (thanks to those magnificent Couchsurfers!)
  • Des Geigers Rätsel, Leipzig, Germany, 4 November.
  • Prinz Willy, Kiel, 20 October

Eric Eckhart album launch, This is where it starts(with Ms Sam, Graeme Maguire and mr oCean), Volksbar, Berlin, 16 October 2010.

Eric Eckhart (accoustic, with Ms Sam and mr oCean) at Bare Naked Folk Society, 23 September 2010,  St. Gaudy Cafe, Berlin.

PhoneyIsland Cabaret, 11 September 2010

Eric Eckhart accoustic show with Ms Sam and mr oCean – Art.Gerecht, 27 August 2010

Paradise Poets – part of Paradox Paul’s “BYE BYE BERLIN” @ Kranhalle, Alte Kindl Brauerei, Werbellinstr. 50, Neukölln, 25 July 2010, 20:30.  Featuring the vast vocal range and styles of Sandra Sarala, along with Sarsaparilla and mr oCean, amidst the remnants of industry and lots of rearranged pianos and paintings.

Eric Eckhart and ELECTRIC band at White Trash (Schönhauser Allee 6/7), 27 July 2010, 22:00.  The long awaited rocking out, with extra shoehorn from Ken Burke, Wasp Summer, Graeme Pearce, Jessica Roth and mr oCean.

Eric Eckhart (vocals, guitar) with Wasp Summer (vocals, keyboard) & mr oCean (guitar) at Intersoup (Schliemannstraße 31), 17 July 2010, 21:30.

The Anti-Slam at Monarch, Skalitzer Str., Kreuzberg, 14 July 2010, 21:00 (bad political ranting!)

The Sofa Sessions took its living room out on the town: Joe’s Bar 9 July 2010, 8pm.  Featuring Eric Eckhart, Wasp Summer, mr oCean, Ken Burke & Wayward Breed.

Im Winter photo exhibition launch at Entweder Oder, performing with Eric Eckhart & Sam Wareing: Oderberger Strasse, Berlin, 21 June 2010, 19:00.

The Sofa Sessions, 18 June 2010, as part of the Moabiter Kulturtage – “Moabit Privat!”  Performances and exhibitions in the apartments of artists throughout Moabit.  The Friday evening performance also featured the delicious talents of Eric Eckhart, Simon Eugene, Lady Gaby and Mesalina Trio (featuring our esteemed host, Wasp Summer).  It was one of The Best Things Ever, evaporated me several times over with musical and lyrical and visual goodness, was in one of Berlin’s best accoustic spaces and attended by a splendid and enthusiastic audience.

Beat Street launched SAND Journal on 27 May 2010 at Joe’s Bar, Berlin.  This was the 3rd in the series of launch gigs featuring artists featured in the first edition of SAND.  It featured Alistair Noon, Linden Horvath, Rob Grant, mr oCean with Eric Eckhart on guitar, and music from Ryan T. Jacobs, and was some of the best performances I’ve heard from any of them.  A brilliant collection.

Phoney Island Caberet, Sowieso, Weisestr. 24, Berlin Neukölln, 20 March 2010.

(accompanied by the guitar shiny of Mr Eric Eckhart)

Album lauch: This is where it starts by Eric Eckhart, Berlin, 12 March 2010 (guitar debut!).

Beat Street, Berlin, 18 November 2009

English-language performance poetry, music and comedy.

The Fluxus Capacitor – Poetry Cafe, London – August 2007 (with splendid touring Brisbane hosts, Maiden Speech, and also featuring the wonder that is Niall Spooner-Harvey)

SpeedPoets – The Alibi Room, Brisbane – July 2007

The Kurilpa Poets – Ahimsa House, Brisbane – March 2007

La Mina di Velluto – Caro Mio Cafe, Brisbane – Red theme, Nov. 2006

Random Acts of Poetry, Brisbane Writers Festival, 2006

Linden Horvath

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