4 January 2012


I forgot I’d managed to write one for yesterday when I got home in the wee hours of this morning, so wrote two today to make up for the imagined shortfall.


Old memories echo in the laughter of new friends.
The clock hands blur as I melt in to the couch
And the missed last train is just a chance
To breath the crisp, cool moonlight night.


Sleep is a dark cloud coming in low on a gale
and dreams, the curls of sunset glowing at its edges.
The drumming of the rain grows louder.


3 January 2012


Big long metal cradle
Just two minutes between stations
will do

2 January 2012


The new year is welcomed by cherry blossoms
barely even shivering.

1 January 2012


My own music in the devine brief silence between bell-peals and firecrackers. The pungent cloud of last night still lingers in my voice, but the air in here tastes like clear mountain water.