The Big One


I really will get back to poetry, I assure you, dear reader, but there are other shinies afoot!  It is time to send Eric Eckhart’s new album, This is where it starts out into the world, with our grand official launch party, this Saturday evening at Volksbar ( just outside where Berlin’s Schoenhauser Tor would have been, had we been playing there a couple of hundred years ago).

We have new arrangements of the songs for you, and I don’t mind telling you that I’m a bit delighted with how it’s sounding.  We’d love to see a whole lot of folk there to celebrate with us, and if the music isn’t enough, it’s free entry and there will be cookies!


Video from “This is where it starts” launch


For those not fortunate enough to be in Berlin for Eric Eckhart’s album launch, despair ye not!   For there is electric video of the show.   And look!   Here it is at Eric’s electric internet house!

Photo by Kusi Okamura

"This is where it starts" launch - Eric Eckhart

This is where “This is where it starts” starts*


All-round splendid chap and alleged mr oCean co-conspirator, Eric Eckhart, has a new electric album in the electric album factory as we speak (indeed, even as we sleep). The launch is coming soon to Berlin:

Eric Eckhart: This is where it starts

album launch

Friday night, March 12th 9pm

Cafe Hilde (corner of Prenzlauer Allee and Metzer Straße)

Eric will be performing a number of the songs from the new album, along with friends and guests.  The show will be all acoustic but expect some surprises.  There will also be video elements and I am anticipating abundant pleasantness!

There is no charge to get in and CDs will be for sale on the night.

Eric says Cafe Hilde “is very chilled out and has a great vibe about it”.  So gold from every angle!  Come along and bring a posse!

For those too far from the launch-pad, we offer this taste of what’s coming:

And of course, there is more to be found here, including a look at the magnificent ex-GDR studio in which the album was recorded.  And best of all, you can order the CD there as well: huzzah!

* of course, this is by no means really where it starts; I just like saying that 🙂