For Ben


Against a flat blue Summer evening, reflected in the flat blue glass façades, the gurgling fruit bats are the only things of substance, until finally a song cracks open the shell that surrounds us.


Please help me see the Ben Eaton Trio in Germany!


(And do yourself a musical favour in the process)

The Ben Eaton Trio has entered the worldwide band comp the Emergenza Festival. This is a competition that runs all over the Australia with the finals judged in Germany at a major European festival in front of 100 000 people, and to get us started we are calling on everyone to help out.

The first heat is Tuesday, April 6th at the Hi Fi Bar in West End, Brisbane and as it is a comp that is judged by the audience they need Bums on Seats! Your support would be great and to sweeten the ticket price of $15 the Ben Eaton Trio will give anyone who buys a ticket a free copy of their first EP, “Life gets in the way” (either by CD on the night or via iTunes download voucher).

If you wish to purchase a ticket please check out their Facebook page and sling them an electric e-mail (address on the “info” tab); Ben will fill you in on the details.  (If you’re not on Facebook, click on the “mr oCean” tab above for my e-mail address, and I’ll put you in touch.)

If you haven’t heard them yet, get thee immediately to MySpace!

Support some independent original local music and have a great night with The Ben Eaton Trio! They get a very large mr oCean endorsed stamp!