Finding our bearings


I am very excited to be aboard the maiden voyage of the good ship, Berlin Compass. Over four evenings, Berlinators will be presented with a dazzling array of words, music, movement and imagery, as we set sail for each of the four points of the compass. My Headful of Bees colleague, Wasp Summer, and I will be taking you northward on Friday evening.

Important: the times given are not “Berlin time”; there’ll be no more boarding after we set sail at 20:45!


West, North, East, South: which directional points are yours?

Launch into an ongoing international exploration in music, word, laughter, performance, image and dance: four evenings of intuitive, fated and chosen bearings.

Hosted by singing poet Sandra Sarala (who’s taking on four different musical-poetic-performance personas across the series), and thematically curated around the cardinal points, each multi-disciplinary evening will formally commence with the communal breaking of a circular loaf of homemade bread, uniting all present. Every show has been designed to showcase individual performers, to offer complementary contrasts and interconnections, and will close with collaborative improvisation.

Choose your resonant points and bring your good self /selves along.

Thursday 24th WEST

‘West, Seeking Balance, and the Balancing East’

Wordy offerings from balancing story-telling time-traveller Skiz-um Hequ, and the poetic Eastern tongues of MC Jabber and Moon (Stephen Mooney), while Sandra Sarala explores the maze and dark mystery of Western life, alongside wildcard Wests, singer of sweetness Cera Impala, musician/video artist Peter Newman, and concert pianist Kim Hye Jin, taking us to her West with Rachmaninov.

Friday 25th NORTH

‘North and a Balancing South’

Touch your philosophy with spoken word from mr oCean and Anja Zeilinger, some storytelling and a touch of song from Kerri Mullen, music and candlelight from Wasp Summer, bridge Lieder and the avant-garde with Alexis Baker, and be danced towards love, joy and melancholy by (India-born) Southerner Manish Pathak. Sandra Sarala takes up alter-ego Loki as host.

Saturday 26th EAST

‘East with a Rogue West’

Well-considered words from several stalwarts of Berlin’s literati – spoken word mega-presence Gaby Bila-Gunter aka Lady Gaby, and poets Alistair Noon, and Frank Alkämper, the latter in confluence upon ‘Ausgerechnet Armenien’ (‘Ironically, Armenia) with musicians Michael Gross and Leonid Soybelman (rogue West in the East!). Sandra Sarala heads for the archaic folksong hills, someone lets Volcanick, the hairiest oriental belly-dancer in town, into the house, and special rules come into play this evening for special guest, intuitive singer AlinK.Sarit, bussing over from Poland… which may have a little something to do with film from Marta Jurkowska.

Sunday 27th SOUTH

‘South with a Deliberately Contrary North’

Verbal dexterity in the shining poetry-stories of Claudia Emmingham, dexterous lunacy from singer, songwriter and comedian David Cassel, and electro-art-pop duo Trike (Xania Keane and Stephen Paul Taylor), some measure of Northern contrariness from performance artist Daniela Gast, and a sprinkling on the ivories from composer and pianist Phil Cooksey, also in collaboration upon the southern seas with lyric poetry from Sandra Sarala.

Berlin COMPASS: Thursday 24 – Sunday 27 November, 2011, Club der polnischen Versager, Ackerstraße 168 (next to Schokoladen), 10115 Berlin, (U8 Rosenthaler Platz)

Doors open and music from 20:15, Doors close and bread-breaking 20:45

Entry: 8 €, and an extra special collection on Saturday night


Moving into Writing ↔ Writing into Moving


My friend and multi-talented super-hero, Liz Erber, is about to run a course integrating movement and writing, using each to inspire and explore the other.  Having seen her combine dance and poetry to magnificent effect, I can heartily endorse the course for any movers, writers and in-betweeners in Berlin.

Moving into Writing Writing into Moving

Facilitated by Liz Erber

K77 Studio

5-week series: March 1st – March 29th, Mon. 6-8 pm

6-week series: April 19th – May 24th, Mon. 6-8 pm

This course is designed for all levels.

No dance or writing experience necessary, simply the desire to move and to put pen to paper.

All languages and styles of writing welcome!

In these series we will create an intimate and safe space for body/movement exploration, writing and the intersection of the two. Sessions begin with a physical and/or writing warm-up, followed by a specific body exploration that serves as a jumping off point for our writing. From our writing we return to body/movement, and thereupon continue making our way between the two forms. We will work individually, in partners and sometimes share our work in unique group scores involving reading, movement and writing. Over the course of the two series we will explore a variety of ways of moving and engaging/activating our writing voice. Course structure will remain flexible so as to fit the needs and interests of the group.

This course is about freeing the body and the pen, leaving aside expectation, accessing the unexpected.

Movement investigations informed by: anatomy, imagery, developmental patterns, contact improvisation, and more.

Structures to be explored are great for developing: self-awareness, a unique voice, writing, performance work, choreography.

Cost: 5-week series: 40 Euro / 6-week series: 48 Euro

8 person limit, please register as soon as possible

To register contact Liz Erber

K77 Studio, Kastanienallee 77, 2nd Innenhof, 3rd floor/ Prenzlauer Berg

Bring warm, comfortable clothes to move in, your journal/paper, and, of course, your favorite pen(s).