Winter Ginko


A couple of weeks ago, I joined in with a Winter Ginko in the Brisbane City Botanic Gardens – one of the events associated with the 2013 Queensland Poetry Festival. Another Lost Shark has posted some of the results, and some more, and more… and I’ll be posting one or two more of my Haiku from that morning here.


Arbitrary Time Travel


new ID card —
in an electronic blink
I age a decade

mr oCean, 14/12/12

Winter “throws the dummy”


We’ve been shedding layers and the sweet seduction birdsong has begun.  Flower-buds are peeping from barren stems.  Like the glaciers that once carved the lands around us, the ice and snow have once again vanished leaving a trail of fine gravel as their only trace.  But the sky exposes the fake: Winter is coming back.

early Spring
every bright new thing
born to shiver

mr oCean, 18 January 2011

Morning Routine, Berlin, 2009


der Morgengrauenchor
der Bohrmaschinen

(I’m working up to my goal of writing a German-language haiku using three or fewer words.  German-speaking friends: Kritik/Korrektur ist wilkommen!)