Gig Ahoy!


After last night’s delight of Eric Eckhart‘s album launch (fabulous musicks and an honour to be amongst it), my appetite for a spot of performance is well regenerated.  Although the temptation to run off and join the circus is strong, I shall content myself with a wonderful substitute: I’ll be performing a few poems – perhaps with a little magical musical accompaniment – at PhoneyIsland on Saturday evening, the 20th of March.  As I’ve mentioned before, these shows have been consistently amazing so far, and I’m very much looking forward to it.  For details, scroll down to my earlier post, or wander over to my Events page.

In the meantime, and for those not in Berlin, I highly recommend a visit to Eric’s electric website, where you can hear previews of the album, see video clips and order the electric album for your very own.  Great darts.

PhoneyIsland Returns!


While I’m wielding the promotions shoehorn, it’s time to mention one of my Berlin highlights for 2009, the PhoneyIsland Caberets in Neukölln.  Every show is a carnivalesque wonderland of music, words, dance, puppetry and above all, delights and wonders.  It returns for 2010 on the vernal equinox, 20 March.  Here be details:

I can also heartily recommend that you visit their electric MySpace page, because there are links to videos of some of the early shows, which still give me tingles of delight to revisit.

A word of caution: the show is justifiably massively popular, so arriving an hour after the advertised starting time – as is usual practice in Berlin – is ill-advised.

I hope to see you there, to share in the shiny.  Also, if you happen to be a performer – especially if you are one with somewhat “sideshow” tendencies – please get in touch via their website or via me, as they are always on the look-out for more acts.