A Brisbane Afternoon Time-Lapse


Cardboard cutout clouds stack up
Heavy with the town’s collective breath
Above the sausage tree and strangler figs

Slender palms like nervous schoolkids
Line up by the shallow water
While the bell hangs still and silent

The rainstorm breaks
In a Busby Berkeley dagger-dance
Across the writhing river

The rain returning home
Makes a heady aromatic tea
In the gutter’s gum-leaf dams

I am excited to see The Nemo’s time-lapse project up and running. Splendid work, sir!


29 January 2012



The rain says, “stay; be still,”
and so I let ink follow water,
try to catch the words
that fall from the sky.


birds flock to the feast –
his smile makes the smallest things
into carnivals