Wiederaufgegriffene Schneeliebe


This swirling galaxy of feathers
Falling from the dark grey sky
Is not really falling:
We are rising.

We delight in the wonder of physics –
This geometric joy warming us
Even as our fingers freeze –
In the same way we look to the stars,
Knowing, understanding to our every atom
That this – all these perfect patterns –
Is what makes us possible:
We delight because in the snow and stars
We see what we are made of
And know that it is good to be alive.

mr oCean, 16.12.2011

Sometimes I think it’s nice to step beyond the metaphor and delight in the sheer joy and wonder of reality – of the exquisite physics that made it all possible. It’s snowing. I love snow. If I were to spend a whole day watching snow fall, I could only conclude that it was a day very well spent indeed.


Immer noch Schneeliebe


Those selected few of you
Who are not yet tired and grumpy
Of cold and snow,
Come to me, and we will be
The only happy people
In this city.