Winter Fading


I may be many standard deviations from the normal when it comes to Winter – one of the few who are sad to see it go. It has been a truly gorgeous one here in Berlin. And being sad at its departure doesn’t mean I don’t love Spring, just as my sadness at leaving Brisbane last time doesn’t mean I don’t love Berlin. There is a peace in Winter and I think that’s where this poem is coming from.

A riverbed or seashore between grey monoliths
Crunching weary through Winter’s withdrawal
Sleep, a rumour; dreams, now ghosts
Still hanging from trees like gallows
Dawn, held fast in gossamer

A few late drifting snowflakes
Lost and lonely, out of place
The straggling searching sympathetic souls
The last lost angels falling from
Their grey abandoned heaven.

mr oCean, 10 March 2010


Immer noch Schneeliebe


Those selected few of you
Who are not yet tired and grumpy
Of cold and snow,
Come to me, and we will be
The only happy people
In this city.